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About Whistle n Sprout

A safe container to fill your cup up!

Hi and welcome! I am so happy and grateful that you are here. My name is Georgia and I'm the founder of Whistle n Sprout. Whistle n Sprout began in 2020 selling healthy premixes and Sprout Boxes to make it easier for you to eat high vibrational foods, treat yourself and eat without the guilt we so easily feel when eating.

At the start of 2021 I unfortunately had to close my kitchen due to unforeseen circumstances.

Now I am back and Whistle n Sprout has had a little growth spurt.

I have now opened my online studio offering a healing movement practice Soma Therapy. Our kitchen has also reopened and continues to offer delicious and nourishing premixes.
My vision for Whistle n Sprout is to create a safe container for you to practice self-care and implement healing practices into your daily life. I'm passionate about community and connecting like-minded people together and I hope Whistle n Sprout can help do that. My goal is for Whistle n Sprout to be a space for you to come to when you need to come back to yourself, slow down and connect with yourself as well as like-minded members of Whistle n Sprout!
See you on the mat or in the kitchen very soon!