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About Soma Therapy

Whistle n Sprout Online Studio and container to connect, slow down, nourish and heal!

Soma Therapy is a healing movement practice that works the physical, energetic and emotional body.

Soma Therapy offers a range of classes that target specific areas and energy centres to help you release, relax, strengthen, and connect.

This time on the planet is pushing us to step up and show up in ways that are more connected, authentic and compassionate. In order to show up for our families, friends and humanity we need to show up for ourselves first. Soma Therapy is a container for you to create space to come back to ourselves, to create our own daily practice to address what's stirring in the heart, what we are holding in our bodies, and shining the light on our own neurosis, addictions and limiting beliefs. We are giving our bodies the attention it needs to thrive and grow. It allows you to become more aware, more open and more willing to create and contribute to the world in the best way we can!

What to Expect:

Expect movement, dance, freedom as I guide you through this healing practice bringing you into places and spaces you have never been before with your body. Expect emotions to come up, expect to feel uncomfortable at times, expect to feel expansive and empowered, a sense of clarity and release of the whole body and mind.

Expect to feel more connected to your heart, your womb and your emotions. More connected to your body's innate power and wisdom. You will  be more receptive to your body's messages, to your energetic body and more receptive to the people around you. 

It's not all about the physical. Soma Therapy will take you deeper!